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The demogorgan bowl at Sushi Burri.

Where to find trendy poke bowls in Atlanta

The healthy Hawaiian fish dish is a bona fide trend, and restaurants serving poke bowls are popping up all over Atlanta. Here’s where you can try it.


Bringing Pasaquan back to life

“To visit Pasaquan is a total immersion experience,” says Kohler Foundation executive director Terri Yoho. “You’re surrounded in otherworldliness.”

Plant Vogtle

Will Georgia’s Plant Vogtle lead to a U.S. renaissance of nuclear energy?

However you look at it, Vogtle represents an expensive gamble—both for the Georgia Power and its customers. But customers aren’t simply paying for a bigger power plant. They’re bankrolling a grand experiment that, if successful, could revive the country’s languishing nuclear power industry and usher in a bright new era of reliable, relatively carbon-free energy.

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