#1: Bacchanalia


Bacchanalia Atlanta
Photograph by Alex Martinez

Atlanta’s fine-dining monarch continues its reign after twenty-one years in business. What’s the secret? A gracious sense of hospitality unmatched anywhere else in the city. The prix-fixe dinner—with five to seven choices for each of five courses (two starters, meat, cheese, dessert; vegetarians happily accommodated)—comes with an array of extra sweet and savory nibbles and service from impeccable staffers. They’ll help you compose a comforting meal (crab fritter, a gorgeous hunk of New York strip, Valrhona chocolate cake) or an adventurous one (Georgia shrimp with pork belly and trout roe, sweetbreads in brown butter, a tasting of vegetable sorbets).

1198 Howell Mill Road, 404-365-0410, starprovisions.com

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  • ElizabethFlorio

    That may be the prettiest plate I’ve ever seen.

  • rockptc

    Very pricy. Food is good, but I wasn’t blown away. Atmosphere was nice, but not cozy. Staff was efficient and knowledgeable, but almost too attentive – borderline hovering. Portions are small, but did not walk away hungry. $25 corking fee.

  • DJ

    A bit pretentious and giving the impression that one should be greatful for dining in their establishment.
    Been to the restaurant 3 times and was never “that” impressed.
    A little annoying having a twenty or thirty-something serving me with a culinary “holyer than though” attitude.
    Need to lighten up and be friendlier and REALLY focus on the food. Not the fad.

  • http://foreverjanet.com/ Janet Hall

    We had an absolutely fabulous time at Bacchanalia @StarProvisions last night Summerland Farm Egg was third of the a five-course meal we enjoyed there.

  • Lenny

    I miss Seagers!

  • Brian

    I think that people sometimes get sucked into the self-importance of a restaurant, and are tricked into thinking it is amazing. That is the case with Bacchanalia. It is extremely pretentious and over-priced. The food is good, but not best-in-Atlanta good. Also, you will leave hungry, and with an empty wallet.
    I just don’t get what people see in this place.

  • Heath

    Staff very friendly. When people refer to the small serving sizes, they give no reference. So here is accurate references for serving sizes… 1st course – (Apps) oysters and sea urchin, the entire serving was the size of your small finger. 2nd course – crab fritters – 1-3/4″ diameter ball. 3rd course – steak was 2″ in diameter and about 3/4″ thick. 4th course – salad about the palm of your hand size serving and the asparagus spear was small and it was actually cut in half. (Who does that?) 5th course, dessert 4 donut holes and ice cream serving was about the size of 4 small olives.
    With 2 beers for me and 2 cocktails for my wife the bill was $235 plus tip for she and I to eat.
    What we liked, we absolutely loved. We tried new things and it wasn’t our cup of tea so to speak but you can see the extreme care that the chefs take in their food. It really is art on a plate but we won’t be back.

  • Mike

    I proposed to my wife here in 2011. The staff made it one of the most memorable nights of my wife life. The atmosphere along with the food was to that of perfection. She still raves about it today.

    PS: And for those criticizing the amount of food you have received for the price. REALLY PEOPLE, get a LIFE! Anyone with any COMMON SENSE should and will know that when you venture to any 4-5 star restaurant, that you are going for the PRESENTATION, and not QUANITY! If your concerned about filling your obvious over your BELT STOMACH. Kindly visit your nearest GOLDEN CORRAL!

    • Tim

      Wow…. Being a little bit of a jerk don’t you think???? This is about opinion… You seem to be OK with dropping a couple of hundred bucks for a “show meal”… Let the rest of the little people call out the “resta-robbers” if we choose……

    • patriciaercolano

      Totally agree!

  • Twanesa Broughton

    This was one of my favorite restaurant until I went on my birth day left my new Gucci shades called they said they had them and would put them up. And that exactly what they did I have never saw them again and all they could say was they don’t know what happen they staff would never steal. lol… I guess they grew legs and left on their own. Haven’t been back since.

  • GrigichSmythe

    There’s a difference between stuffing your gut and getting an excellent, satisfying meal. If you’re getting little dinky things on the plate that look like hors d’oeuvres being passed off as an entree this isn’t representative of what an excellent modern restaurant can do. It just sounds so ’80’s to me.

    Restaurants today should move (and many have) beyond this ridiculous model and make a meal that has excellent presentation and also satisfies a normal appetite. If they cannot do this it isn’t worth spending the kind of money this place charges to eat there. This is especially true if the wait staff is anything less than friendly and accommodating. People shouldn’t settle for this treatment and think that dealing with rude wait staff only to leave a restaurant hungry makes the place an “important” place to dine.