#7: Gunshow


Kevin Gillespie and his brigade of spark-plug chefs broke the rules of traditional restaurant service and created a hit. The cooks—each following his own muse—prepare a weekly rotating roster of dishes in the open kitchen and then bring them into the dining room to entice the diners personally. If only you could get on some sort of call list to alert you when chef de cuisine Joseph Ward makes his West Coast Burger—a messy and sublime homage to In-N-Out Burger’s Double-Double, Animal Style creation—or his re-envisioned beef Wellington, the meat blushing under a taffeta swath of pastry.

924 Garrett Street, Suite C, 404-380-1886, gunshowatl.com

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  • jhr

    I just don’t get it. YES, the food here is spectacular. But if I wanted to eat at a place that looked and was lit like Tin Drum, I’d go to Tin Drum. Suggestion if you go – keep your party small. We had a table of 6, and the chefs never had enough servings for the entire table. One time, we had three people sharing a small slider.

  • http://www.atlantamagazine.com/members/dhammondoglethorpe-edu/ Dan

    Yes, agree – I don’t get it either! Honestly the food isn’t that good and really pricey for what you get. Atmosphere is kinda thrown together and doesn’t make you want to linger over your meal; we couldn’t wait to get out of there. And the staff is so needy; we got tired of having to tell all the “chefs” who came by how “great” and “special” everything was. The whole concept is just weird, too many other great places in town to visit. Two words, don’t bother…