Antico Pizza Napoletana


When owner Giovanni Di Palma and his crew started making fabulous Neapolitan-style pies in the back of this former bakery near Georgia Tech, they had little to offer their customers in terms of creature comforts. Everybody ate standing up around a huge wooden table, reaching for oily sweet peppers and fresh garlic to season the already-glorious margheritas and biancas with swollen edges and a good char.

Now that there are chairs, stools, and even a chef’s table available by reservation, early fans can recommend the place to their cushier friends. This pizza sensation remains still an ebullient madhouse: On Fridays and Saturdays, the cooks shovel 750 pies in and out of the three imported ovens before the dough runs out.

We recommend the Gigiotto, a racy calzone with rapini and sausage, and the San Gennaro pizza crowned with spicy-sweet peppers, cipollini onions, sausage, and buffalo mozzarella. A cannolo crusted with pistachios or a sfogliatelle (tricornered pastry filled with sweetened ricotta) completes the gluttony.

1093 Hemphill Avenue, 404-724-2333,

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  • LouE

    Awesome pizza. One of the first of its kind in Atlanta and many copy cats that aren’t just right up there.

  • Rylan

    Pizza was awesome! It had a very unique flavor to it and is definitely worth the $23. Only problem is, every time I go the place is UBER packed. There is hardly anywhere to sit or stand to enjoy the pizza, they should think about expanding the place. Over all, great place, great atmosphere, food is served quickly too! I always get the feel of being in a real Italian restaurant in Italy; they have an attendant outside directing traffic and how many customers can go inside as well. Definitely worth it!

  • sarah shields

    After living in NYC for years and Italy and eating great pizza, Antico Pizza brings that right to Atlanta! Definitely worth the lines.

  • RickS

    sorry but the sauce had little flavor the entire pizza in general was not what I expected it to be and the lack of choice on ingredients didnt help

    • DavidW_1692

      I’ll bet you like Papa John’s, don’t you?