6. Gunshow


Built upon the singular promise of eating well and without pretension, Kevin Gillespie’s Gunshow is our gutsiest restaurant. Although the dining room is short on luxury—stark fluorescent spotlights, metal tables, loud rock music—the format is game-changing, revolving around the weekly whims of eight chefs who cook and then deliver their plates to the table. Expect bold, playful food, riffs on beef tartare and Chinese dumplings, and even throwbacks like a show-stopping beef Wellington. Off meals are not uncommon—the effects of a kitchen in flux—but the chance to try that red wine risotto blanketed in white truffles or charred porchetta coiled in a spicy romesco sauce is a worthwhile risk. The menu’s one constant is Gillespie’s standout banana pudding—warm, custardy, and spiked with vanilla beans.

Meet the chefs

GunshowBreanna Kinkead
Kitchen lady
Cooking style Modernist
The downside to an open kitchen Can’t get rowdy

GunshowChris McCord
Kitchen dude
Cooking style New Age Southern
Favorite dish Cured trout and vichyssoise

GunshowJoey Ward
Executive chef
Cooking style Modern American
Favorite dish Toad in the hole–style Kobe beef tartare

GunshowSpencer Gomez
Sous chef
Cooking style Modern American
Favorite dish Cured trout

GunshowRyan Goss
Kitchen dude
Cooking style Everything (recently Spanish)
The downside to an open kitchen Not allowed to sing Michael Bolton

GunshowTyler Dixon
Kitchen dude
Cooking style Rustic, Italian, Asian
Favorite dish Chinese dim sum dumplings

GunshowNicole Edwards
Kitchen lady
Cooking style Spanish
Favorite dish Crispy pork belly with gingerbread, pickled cranberries, and spiced pecans

GunshowWes Putimahtama
Sous chef
Cooking style Modern comfort food, Asian influences
The downside to an open kitchen Can’t snack on the dessert station

924 Garrett Street, 404-380-1886, gunshowatl.com

Photographs by Alex Martinez

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