3. Restaurant Eugene


Restaurant Eugene
Photograph by Johnny Autry

Rare is the restaurant that seems to fire on all cylinders and have power to spare. Linton and Gina Hopkins, the husband-and-wife team whose H&F brand continues to spread across the city, protect the purity of their vision in their intimate flagship, where Southern food gets the haute treatment. The confident, seasonal vegetable tasting once delivered one of the meatiest (and most inventive) ratatouilles we’ve seen, with smoked eggplant pureed and smeared across the plate. Crispy Carolina gold rice mixed with a runny five-minute egg has all the umami of a lamb chop draped with béarnaise sauce. What does one drink with all of this? Ask Juan Cortes, whose lengthy wine list is a Champagne wonderland.

Vegetable tasting menu (pictured)
Seven Courses, $135

First course
Shiitake mushroom tartare, onion in many forms

Second course
Siberian sturgeon caviar, French omelet, sauce Nantua

Third course
Clay & Hay roasted roots and plums, autumn brown butter

Fourth course
Alba white truffle, white grits, turmeric

Fifth course
Crispy Carolina Gold, kale, field peas, five-minute egg

Sixth course
Green Hill cheese, persimmon, streusel

And for dessert
White chocolate, pomegranate, chartreuse (not pictured)

2277 Peachtree Road, 404-355-0321, restauranteugene.com

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