2. Tomo


Nigri sushi

Photograph by Caroline C. Kilgore

To understand the genius of Tomo, make reservations for the omakase, limited to five diners a night at around $100 a seat. The expense yields a private nine- to 10-course display of chef-owner Tomohiro Naito’s creativity and precision. Ever eaten a Japanese oyster wrapped in agar-agar jelly? What about a Japanese scallop rolled with black truffles like a roulade and set in a broth of daikon and soy? Sushi follows, and Naito’s rice—warmed by his touch and seasoned with kelp seaweed, sugar, and vinegar—is what elevates his nigiri to nirvana. The rice is so textured that you can practically feel your way through every grain. And the fish? Peerless, arriving every Tuesday and Thursday from Japan’s Tsukiji Fish Market.

3630 Peachtree Road, 404-835-2708, tomorestaurant.com

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