50 Best Things to Do - Atlanta Magazine

Author Darin Givens

  • Darin Givens


1. Play (or play hooky) in Woodruff Park

Relax in the heart of the city

In the shadow of beaux arts skyscrapers, Woodruff Park is the city’s historic heart. If you haven’t strolled through it for years, you’ll be surprised by its vitality. Read More

16. Go backstage at the Fox

Travel back in time in a tour of the city's most historical theater

The ladies-lounge chairs are exact replicas of those in the throne room of King Tut’s tomb. You’ve probably taken such details of the Fox Theatre for granted, but won’t after signing up a guided tour. Read More

24. Go on a public art scavenger hunt

Find murals scattered throughout intown

Encountering vibrant murals throughout intown neighborhoods has been a happy surprise in recent years. But to really understand the magnitude of the Living Walls project that pairs local and international artists with brick and concrete canvases, set out on a quest to find as many 
as you can. Read More