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Looking Back on a Half Century
How Atlanta magazine has evolved alongside its namesake city over the past 50 years. A preview of the anniversary exhibit at the history center and highlights of the interview series.

Cover Stories: Andrew Young

Former mayor and U.N. ambassador Andrew Young discusses the 1990 cover story "City of Dreamers" and changes he's seen in Atlanta since moving here in 1961.

Cover Stories: Carl Sanders
Former governor Carl Sanders, who appeared on our January 1964 cover, discusses the politics of Atlanta and its home state in the 1960s and since.

Cover Stories: Shirley Franklin
In September 1984, we named Shirley Franklin one of the city's "powers to be." She went on to serve two terms as mayor and was instrumental in the Olympics bid.

Cover Stories: Lee Walburn
Walburn has written for the magazine for six decades and served as editor in chief for fifteen years. He discussesthe magazine's legacy and how it reflects its namesake.

Cover Stories: Sam Massell
Sam Massell, whose mayoral administration was featured on the July 1970 cover, discusses changes in Atlanta (and Buckhead) in the past five decades.

Cover Stories: Sam Williams

Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce president Sam Williams, named one of the "people to watch" in 1980, talks about growth in Atlanta and interning for mayor Ivan Allen.

Cover Stories: Steve Fennessy

Editor Steve Fennessy talks about the August 2009 cover story on Matt Ryan and the legacy of the magazine on its 50th anniversary.

Cover Stories: Amanda Brown Olmstead

Publicist Amanda Brown Olmstead discusses the changing role of women in business and recalls appearing on the May 1984 cover while pregnant.

Cover Stories: Tom Junod
Former staff writer Tom Junod, who has gone on to write for national magazines such as Esquire and GQ, discusses his 1988 cover story on Atlanta high schools.

Cover Stories: Christiane Lauterbach
Christiane Lauterbach, restaurant critic for more than twenty-five years, discusses the evolution of Atlanta's dining scene.

Cover Stories: Mary Quillian
Mary Quillian, who has worked for the magazine since September 1979, discusses changes she has seen in the magazine and the city since that time.

Cover Stories: Norm Kohn
Kohn, who illustrated the first cover of the magazine in 1961, discusses working for the magazine in the sixties and how the city has grown since then.

Cover Stories: Sean McGinnis
Publisher Sean McGinnis talks about the 40th anniversary issue, the shifting role of Downtown, and how pro sports teams influence the city.

Cover Stories: Virginia Parker
Virginia Parker appeared on a 1978 cover as a model and later became an award-winning staff writer. She discusses profiling Clark Howard and Alton Brown.

Cover Stories: Mary Lyon Jarman
Mary Lyon Jarman has worked for the magazine since 1982 in several capacities. She discusses contributing an essay to a special issue on relationships.

Cover Stories: Rebecca Burns

Former editor in chief Rebecca Burns discusses the October 2007 "Global City" issue and the evolution of Atlanta as an international city.

50th Anniversary Gala

May 18, 2011, at the Atlanta History Center

50th Anniversary Trailer

Join us for a walk back in time.
Atlanta Magazine 1961-2011
50 Years of the Changing City
An exhibition at
Atlanta History Center
May 18 - Sep. 18
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