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Steeplechase bingo: What you’ll spot at Kingston Downs

Just a few of the things you’ll spot at this year’s race on April 18: Seersucker, cigars, and hats as big as Shetland ponies.

Gnocchi pasta

Homemade Gnocchi

For people who have never tried, making gnocchi seems like the most difficult task in the kitchen. It’s actually quite simple, and making these wonderful pillows of pasta was something I did on Sundays with my mom and my Grandma Suzanne. I’ve passed down this tradition to my own boys, who love peeling the potatoes, working the […]


The Atlanta Streetcar is being promoted to New York tourists

It might seem wise to invest in a campaign targeting people most likely to ride the Atlanta Streetcar: you know, Atlantans. But thankfully the city has done something more effective: keeping the streetcar fare-free through the end of this year.


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