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Author Mary Jo DiLonardo

  • Mary Jo DiLonardo

    Editorial Contributor

    Mary Jo DiLonardo has been an Atlanta Magazine contributor for 15 years, covering education, health, and family issues. She has written for many magazines, newspapers, and web sites including WebMD where her work has made her half-doctor, half-hypochondriac. She is currently trying to survive parenting a teenage boy.


How film producers save big bucks in Georgia

Thanks to the Georgia Entertainment Industry Investment Act, passed in 2008, filmmakers can save up to 30 percent of many dollars they spend here. Although twenty-four other states offer similar incentives, Georgia’s great locations, facilities, industry professionals, and easy transportation sweeten the deal. Read more...

The Stalker's Guide to Atlanta

How determined are you to get up close and personal with celebs? Here’s how to stalk stars in Atlanta—depending on your level of dedication.

To find active sets, watch for bright neon signs with bold black arrows and random acronyms. The code is usually an abbreviation for the movie’s name or the production company. Read more...