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Counting down our top 13 posts of 2013

Evidently, y'all really liked to read about The Walking Dead. Also the Braves and Amanda Davis

Well, we knew you liked to read about The Walking Dead, but we didn't quite know how much you really really liked to do so until tabulating our year-end metrics. Other subjects popular with Daily Agenda readers? The Braves' relocation to Cobb County, DragonCon cofounder Ed Kramer's legal drama, and the sudden and strange departure of a local TV news anchor.

Here's a bakers dozen of the top posts for the year:

13. “Lifetime’s new reality series stars Swank’s owner (sorta)" May 23
12. "Exit interview with Darien Long, Atlanta’s (in)famous mall security guard" March 26
11. "Totally awesome Walking Dead map" March 6
10. "A possible Doraville-Walking Dead-ricin letter connection?" June 2
9. "DragonCon Ceo feeling pressure from proposed boycott" March 28
8. "Brooke Baldwin, CNN’s class act" July 24
7. "The Atlanta Braves are moving to Cobb County and everyone is kind of stunned" November 11
6. "Notes from Walker Stalker" November 5
5. "Mumford, Sons, kicked out of the Clermont Lounge" September 12
4. "The Incredible Toy Story-Walking Dead parallels" April 10
3. “Notes on the new Braves stadium renderings" November 21
2. "ATL Bat Dad on the Today Show" September 25
1. "Fox 5 anchor Amanda Davis’weird, sad exit" April 26

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