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    Candice Dyer's work has also appeared in Men’s Journal, Paste, Garden & Gun, Georgia Music Magazine, Georgia Trend, Brightleaf: A Journal of Southern Writing, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and other publications. Her essay about the fiftieth anniversary of Waffle House was anthologized in Cornbread Nation 4: The Best of Southern Food Writing. She is the author of Street Singers, Soul Shakers, and Rebels with a Cause: Music from Macon, a look at the rollicking lives of Little Richard, Otis Redding, James Brown, the Allman Brothers Band, Wet Willie, Marshall Tucker, and other artists and music-makers with ties to Middle Georgia.


Will Atlanta ever enact a complete smoking ban?

Decatur, Albany, Savannah, Columbus, and Athens all have one. Why don't we?

In 2005 Georgia enacted a smoking ban for restaurants and pubs that serve or employ people under age eighteen. At the time, a bartender at Manuel’s Tavern announced, “Don’t worry, we’re not banning cigarettes; we’re banning kids!” Read more...

Romeo Cologne: Ready for show No. 1000 at the Clermont Lounge

"This will be a serious party."

Like other prophets before him, Romeo Cologne experienced a vision and then unearthed his sacred talismans from a lowly, unlikely place. Read more...

Amy Ray goes country

The Indigo Girl wants "people to cry in their beer" when listening to her new tracks.

Amy Ray’s rural-route detour from folkie to folksy is not as out of the way as it seems. This month the singer-songwriter, best known as half of the socially conscious Grammy-winning duo the Indigo Girls, debuts her solo album, "Goodnight Tender," a collection of old-school country music in the purest—and purist—sense of the word, fit for any honky-tonk jukebox. Read more...

Ted Turner, Rufus Wainwright, Erin Brockovich, and a stray F bomb

Notes from the annual Captain Planet Foundation Gala

Even though pollution functions like Kryptonite for Captain Planet, Atlanta’s dastardly rush-hour exhaust did not stop him from glad-handing eco-celebrities on the green—not red—carpet at his Friday gala at the Georgia Aquarium. Read more...

MASS Collective combines science with art for creative results

The freaks and geeks are now friends?

Expect surprises when you elevate something to an art and get it down to a science at the same time. The creative collective MASS—an acronym of Music, Art, Science, and Social—unites two demographics who usually do not sit together in the school cafeteria: number-crunching geeks and dreamy-eyed bohemians. Read more...