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Author Evan Mah


Do we really want Justin Bieber to move back to the ATL?

Baby, baby, baby, oh?

After egging his neighbor’s house in Los Angeles, reportedly drag racing a Lamborghini while under the influence of alcohol and prescription drugs, and illegally spray-painting a building in Rio, Justin Bieber may be moving to Buckhead. Read more...

New details on the Polaris, set to open in late March/early April

Hyatt hopes to resurrect a symbol of Atlanta

When word got out that downtown Atlanta’s Hyatt Regency was working to reopen the Polaris—the blue-dome saucer that was immediately a skyline hallmark when it opened in 1967—the city buzzed with excitement. Details on the redesign have been kept under wraps since, and so I was excited when I got to meet the designers at The Johnson Studio and see the space last week. Read more...

East studies West at Emory

Sherub Tenzin's unlikely journey from a Tibetan village to the university's neuroscience program

Sherub Tenzin slowly stepped out from beneath the large crag where he and his six friends were hiding. The bitter Himalayan winds pierced his sweater, which was lined with 1,000 rupees. Read more...