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  • Kenneth R. Wilson

    Contributing Writer

    Kenneth R. Wilson is a freelance writer specializing in Southern culture, travel, politics, and sports. After leaving the family farm in Tennessee at age eighteen, Wilson finagled a job with a United States Congressman. From there, he went on to hold various positions with local, state, and national campaigns while earning a degree from Clemson University. He is a veteran of three presidential campaigns and has served as a senior council aide to an at-large Atlanta council member. After nearly a decade in politics and a brief stint as a communications specialist for an international nonprofit, he eventually found solitude, political incorrectness, and happiness as a dish washer and cook working for Chef David Waller before taking up writing full-time. In addition to writing, he is a small-time antiques dealer with an immense love for equestrian sports, guns, and the Rolling Stones.


It's a Zac Brown World

The Grammy winner expands his universe

After years grinding out a living on Georgia’s music circuit, Cumming native Zac Brown has enjoyed seemingly overnight success. Since 2009’s chart-topping “Chicken Fried,” there have been two Grammys, two major-label albums, sold-out shows, and a number one duet with Jimmy Buffett. And like the sailor from Margaritaville, thirty-three-year-old Brown is parlaying the spoils into an empire: Southern Ground. Read more...


Richard Goodsell is sound guru to rock legends

Richard Goodsell darts about his English Avenue–area workshop, past the piles of speakers and vacuum tubes he uses to create his boutique guitar amps. (Vince Gill and Big Boi are just a few of his fans.) He grabs a guitar: “Do you want to strap on the other Telecaster?” asks the fifty-two-year-old. “That way we’re both holding an instrument and relating on that level. I’m all about that kind of thing.” Read more...

Bow Hunting in the Suburbs

Strange, but legal

Willie Johnson’s dirty Toyota pickup rolls to a stop in a Walmart parking lot near I-285. Overhead, a jumbo jet howls. Johnson has to shout to be heard above the roar. “It’s not far,” he yells. “I’m thinking that we can cut through the parking lot instead of going out the main road.” Read more...