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    Mary Jo DiLonardo has been an Atlanta Magazine contributor for 15 years, covering education, health, and family issues. She has written for many magazines, newspapers, and web sites including WebMD where her work has made her half-doctor, half-hypochondriac. She is currently trying to survive parenting a teenage boy.


Thanks to Georgia Tech, a tongue piercing could soon control a wheelchair

This new system would replace sip-and-puff wheelchairs, making movement easier and faster

Most people who are quadriplegics use sip-and-puff wheelchairs; they blow or suck into a straw to direct their chairs. But movement is limited to left, right, forward, and backward. New technology developed by a researcher at the Georgia Institute of Technology would allow quadriplegics to use tongue-controlled devices to command not only wheelchairs, but also computers, phones, and video games. Read more...

Atlantans figure out ways to exercise in cold weather

Snow and ice won't keep them idle

Serious exercisers aren't put off by the doom and gloom snow, rain, and sleet hitting Atlanta. They find ways to hit the streets, ride bikes, or lug laundry in order to get their exercise fix. Read more...

Now in research news

"CSI for turtles," predicting future heat wave deaths, and an easy-open pill bottle

Here’s news to chase off any wintry chill. Emory University researchers have made a futuristic prediction about the number of heat wave deaths—in the years 2057 to 2059. Read more...

How safe are e-cigarettes?

Georgia State launches $19 million study on tobacco's latest trend

What's the truth about e-cigarettes? Georgia State University’s School of Public Health aims to find out. The school and its partners will receive $19 million over five years—the largest grant in the university’s history—from the FDA and the National Institutes of Health to create one of fourteen Tobacco Centers of Regulatory Science. Read more...

The Foundry: AT&T, Tech, Cisco team up for research

The Midtown center is intended to spur wireless and mobile technology innovation

AT&T is joining forces with Georgia Tech and Cisco for some serious tech power, opening a research hub for wireless innovation at Technology Square. At the un-tech-sounding Foundry, AT&T employees will work with entrepreneurs and Tech researchers to develop mobile products. Carlton Hill, vice president of devices and developer services at AT&T, explains what’s going on. Read more...