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    Editorial Contributor

    An Atlanta native, she has been writing for Atlanta magazine since 1990. She gained a reputation for taking on in-depth stories and delving into some of Atlanta’s most sensitive issues: tree loss caused by urban sprawl, the crumbling child protection system, the impact of illegal immigration. In 1991, she won a National Headliner Award (second place for “consistently outstanding feature writing in a magazine”). Her article on resegregation of Atlanta’s schools was part of the “Legacy” issue commemorating the death of Martin Luther King Jr., which was a finalist for a 2009 National Magazine Award for single topic issue. She is a graduate of Northwestern University Medill School of Journalism and also has written for Redbook, Good Housekeeping, Parents, PINK, Georgia Trend, and other magazines. She lives in Decatur with her husband and two teenage daughters.


If the Yerkes Center retires its chimpanzees, where will they go?

Research standards are changing, but finding sanctuary for former test subjects isn't easy

Chimpanzees have a sense of fair play. They feel empathy; a chimp will yawn when another does. They cooperate, and after a fight, they seek to reconcile. These insights—that chimpanzees possess an innate morality once thought to be uniquely human—emerged in part from studies conducted at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center at Emory University. But such findings led to an uneasy question: If chimpanzees are so much like us, should we experiment on them at all? Read more...

Obamacare shutdown in DeKalb County classrooms?

DeKalb limits substitute teachers . . . a year before an employer provision takes effect.

The political fight in Washington over the Affordable Care Act has dominated headlines. But more quietly, and closer to home, the health care law is having reverberations in DeKalb County classrooms. Read more...

DeKalb schools ‘family and friends hiring’ comes under fire

A grand jury hearing led to a testy exchange on nepotism

DeKalb County schools are just one big (unhappy? dysfunctional?) family. Read more...

A back-up accreditation plan for DeKalb schools?

As SACS probation looms, some schools are pushing for dual accreditation

Will the struggle to retain accreditation bring unity to DeKalb’s school system—or tear it apart? Read more...

SCOTUS ruling forces a new strategy for DeKalb groups

Civil rights organizations regroup, and the deposed DeKalb school board loses a legal angle

Civil rights organizations in Georgia are scrambling to come up with a strategy to respond to yesterday’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling on the 1965 Voting Rights Act. Read more...