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Author Stephanie Minor

  • Stephanie Minor

    Editorial Intern

    A junior at Emory University, with a double major in history and journalism, Minor is an editor for the arts and entertainment section of the Wheel, Emory’s student-run newspaper. To put herself through school, Minor also worked at the Hooters in Canton, GA, where she was nominated for Hooters Girls of the Year. An avid political enthusiast and former professional ballerina, she hopes to pursue a career in investigative journalism after she graduates.


Just what's inside that giant arch in Atlantic Station?

Millennium Gate offers more than monumental eye candy

Nestled amid apartment complexes on Seventeenth Street, the seven-story, 100-foot Millennium Gate is hard to miss but easy to whiz by. Many Atlantans assume the Roman-inspired arch, erected in 2008, is just another decorative element of Atlantic Station, the mini-city built on the site of an old steel mill. But the monumental structure houses a 12,000-square-foot museum that pays tribute to Georgia history and Atlanta’s founding families. Read more...

Just what is that tower in the Old Fourth Ward?

Unraveling a towering mystery

If you’ve found yourself in the Old Fourth Ward—maybe strolling up Irwin Street toward Bell Street Burritos or heading down the Atlanta BeltLine to Studioplex—you’ve undoubtedly spotted that giant concrete tower. And you’ve wondered, Just what is that? Or, more intriguingly, Does anyone live in there? Read more...

Would grocery shopping with a nutritionist help people eat healthier?

Doctor and researcher Kristina Lewis plans to test this hypothesis

Kristina Lewis, a medical researcher with Kaiser Permanente of Georgia, snagged one of the inaugural awards from the New York Academy of Sciences’ Sackler Institute for Nutrition Science. Read more...

A biomedical breakthrough could quicken the clotting process

Georgia Tech researchers have developed artificial platelets that might be used on the battlefield

Researchers at Georgia Tech have engineered “designer” blood clots—artificial platelets that could enhance the body’s natural clotting process and mitigate painful scarring. In animal trials, the platelets reduced clotting time by 30 percent. The clots offer particular potential for battlefront use; an injured soldier could inject the freeze-dried synthetic material on the field, using a device the size of an iPhone. Read more...

The Olympics open to grand fanfare

July 19, 1996

The evening of July 19, 1996, was the culmination of Atlanta's civic leaders' desires to catapult the city into the international limelight and (hopefully) transform it into a relevant, vibrant hub of tourism and commerce. Read more...