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    A native of Auburn, New York, Steve Fennessy's first journalism job was delivering his hometown newspaper. After graduating from American University, he became an intern at that same newspaper, was named business reporter, and then finally city editor. In 1996, he moved to Cairo, Egypt, where he worked as a reporter until 1999, when he became a features writer at the Democrat & Chronicle newspaper in Rochester, New York. The following year, he fled the frigid Northeast for Atlanta to be with his girlfriend, Christy, who is now his wife and the mother of their two boys, Casey and Jack. In Atlanta, Fennessy spent five years at Creative Loafing as news editor and senior writer. He joined Atlanta magazine as articles editor in 2005. Fennessy's stories have won awards from the City and Regional Magazine Association, the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies, and the New York State Associated Press Association. His 2006 story for Atlanta magazine "The Talented Dr. Krist" was featured in the 2007 edition of the Best American Crime Writing. In 2006, he was named a Knight-Wallace fellow at the University of Michigan, where he held the Mike Wallace Fellowship for Investigative Reporting during the 2006–07 academic year.


City of Atlanta and the Braves: A Doomed Affair

The tale of star-crossed lovers in five acts and 600 stanzas (er, emails)

In reviewing the emails, one wonders, was the writing on the wall way back in October 2011, when the Braves outlined four options for the team’s future post-2016, when its existing lease would expire? Read more...

2014 will be big for downtown

But we still need a grocery store. And what did that guy from Cousins say about MARTA? (Update: Cousins exec clarifies remarks)

A.J. Robinson, the president of Central Atlanta Progress, this morning said the current “surge of activity” in downtown Atlanta is unlike anything the city has seen in decades. Read more...

Ed Kramer’s child molestation trial to begin Dec. 2

Plus, DragonCon’s divorce from Kramer appears to be final. Finally.

As his long-postponed trial date on child molestation charges approaches, Ed Kramer and DragonCon—the sci-fi convention he co-founded more than a quarter-century ago—have now severed all ties. As of noon today, according to DragonCon spokesman Greg Euston, an out-of-court settlement between Kramer and DragonCon went into effect in which DragonCon will pay Kramer for the shares he still held in the company—shares that entitled him to dividends and which prompted some longtime attendees to boycott the convention. Read more...

Braves Relocation Update: The city's timeline of what happened

The mayor's office cites a "period of unresponsiveness" during Falcons negotiations

In response to criticism that his administration was paying more attention to the Falcons than to the Braves, thus letting the latter slink away to Cobb County, Mayor Kasim Reed yesterday released a timeline that showed, among other things, that his office was . . . paying more attention to the Falcons than the Braves. Read more...

Mayor Reed to Braves: You're my favorite team--I just can't give you enough tax dollars

As for Turner Field: Its destruction might be just what the neighborhood needs

At today's press conference, Mayor Kasim Reed announced that the sixty-acre tract currently occupied by Turner Field and acres of asphalt will be developed into housing for middle-income residents. Read more...