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Interview with filmmaker Mark Mori

The director of "Bettie Page Reveals All" discusses the challenge of having the pinup star off-camera

Though he never did get Bettie Page to budge from her insistence on remaining off camera in his feature documentary about her life, Mark Mori is still the only filmmaker to have captured the intensely private Page’s life story on film – straight from her mouth, no less. Read more...

A documentary reveals Bettie Page's secrets

Georgia State alum Mark Mori's documentary lets the "Queen of Pinups" speak for herself

What ever happened to Bettie Page? After just seven years as a pinup star, Page ducked out of public view and was elusive for half a century. The mystery is solved—somewhat—in Bettie Page Reveals All, a feature documentary narrated by the Queen of Pinups herself and directed by Georgia State alum Mark Mori. Read more...