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Video of the Day: The Atlanta Police Department does "Happy"

The APD offers some levity in a YouTube account filled with surveillance footage and PSAs.

If you've been busy watching and re-watching Tim Howard's spectacular soccer saves, you might have missed the release of yet another version of Pharrell Williams's “Happy” video—this one courtesy of the Atlanta Police Department. Officers and employees break into dance in front of local landmarks such as the Fox Theatre and the CNN Center, proving that they, too, are capable of having a little fun. The video adds some humor to the department’s otherwise serious YouTube account, which mostly features surveillance footage from crime scenes, PSAs, and press conferences. Read more...

Mayor: Guns will not be everywhere in the City of Atlanta

As Georgia’s new law goes into effect, mayor Kasim Reed bans firearms from city facilities.

In all of yesterday’s excitement over soccer and waffles, it might have slipped your mind that July 1 also marked the start of Georgia’s new gun law. The so-called “Guns Everywhere” law increases the public places where firearms can be carried—including bars, nightclubs, and some government facilities. Read more...

Not surprising: Gun stores outnumber museums and libraries in much of North Georgia

Surprising: But not closer to the city

Conventional wisdom—and decades of TV cops shows—may lead you to believe that the city is dangerous and undereducated while the suburbs are havens for all things intellectual. In some places those stereotypes may well hold true. Read more...

Survey: Atlanta No. 22 global city brand

Evidently, we rank right between Melbourne and Mecca.

Well, Atlanta, be careful what you wish for. The endless touting of the ATL as a world-class city is paying off, with our town squeaking into the top 25 on a new Guardian study of global city brands. Barely. Read more...

Twins sentenced in case of murdered, buried journalist

Cormier brothers point fingers at each other while the judge punishes both

Taking the stand at his own murder trial, a tearful William Cormier III implied that it was not him, but his twin brother, Christopher, who [killed former journalist Sean Dugas in his Pensacola, Florida home][1] in 2012. But the Escambia County jury was unmoved, convicting William of murder and sentencing him to life in prison without parole. Read more...