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Essay: I'm glad my kids go to Atlanta Public Schools

The lessons I learned while my twins attended Garden Hills Elementary

I admit I was irked three years ago when my son—then in the second grade and still the bluest-eyed, palest-skinned kid you’ll ever meet—announced that he wanted to be called Francisco. Francis, the name we gave him at birth, and Frankie, the nickname he wore so adorably, were both out. Read more...

Research news: A sod shortage, soil DNA, and direction-giving chimps

A roundup of studies, surveys, and experiments conducted by local universities

We don’t want to alarm y’all, but evidently there will be a Georgia sod shortage this year. Read more...

How to tell Sherlock and Star Trek fans apart

221B Con and TrekTrax both take over Atlanta this month.

Conventions aren’t only fun for conventioneers. When fanfests are in town, spotting costumed revelers is a spectator sport. This month, two legendary fictional universes collide as 221B Con (April 4–6) and TrekTrax Atlanta (April 25–27) bring Sherlock Holmes junior gumshoes and Star Trek Trekkers to our streets. Read more...

Mayor Reed aims to reconnect Atlanta with Georgia's agrarian roots

Office of Sustainability drafted zoning changes to make it easier for urban farms to operate

Mayor Kasim Reed has grand ambitions for Atlanta—high-tech incubators, for instance. But his administration has another, more prosaic goal: to reconnect the city with Georgia’s agrarian roots. Read more...

Will Atlanta ever enact a complete smoking ban?

Decatur, Albany, Savannah, Columbus, and Athens all have one. Why don't we?

In 2005 Georgia enacted a smoking ban for restaurants and pubs that serve or employ people under age eighteen. At the time, a bartender at Manuel’s Tavern announced, “Don’t worry, we’re not banning cigarettes; we’re banning kids!” Read more...