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Study: Atlanta ranks No. 8 for walkable areas

While the metro area is still tops for sprawl, pockets of walkability are projected to grow.

It often seems that every week brings a new report underscoring metro Atlanta’s woeful sprawl and its host of associated ills. Well, here’s a bit of better news. A report to be released today ranks the growth of walkable areas in the country’s 30 largest areas, and here's the stunner: Atlanta comes in eighth place. Read more...

Report: Atlanta is the most sprawling big metro in the U.S.

A study released today by Smart Growth America looks at the impact of sprawl on healthy, safety, and economic opportunity

The study examined the correlation between sprawl and economic mobility. People who live in high-sprawl metro areas have lower rates of economic opportunity than those who live in more densely developed cities. “A low income person in a compact area has much better access to jobs,” said lead research Reid Ewing. Read more...

Shirley Franklin: "I regret that I didn't do more"

The former mayor on Atlanta's income inequality

In an interview with National Journal published yesterday, two-term Atlanta mayor Shirley Franklin was asked about the metro region's abysmal ranking for social mobility and how economic inequality could—or should—be addressed by local politicians. Read more...