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Q&A with SEC Network host and analyst Maria Taylor

The former UGA basketball player talks about working with Tim Tebow, life on the sideline, and the SEC's reign

When Alpharetta native Maria Taylor introduces herself to hulking SEC football players, their typical response is, “You’re huge!” Taylor stands six feet two and was a four-year basketball player at the University of Georgia. Read more...

SEC Network launches with pigskin preseason, preview, and past games

ESPN's new channel features Tim Tebow as a host and will air 45 live football games

It’s August. It’s the Southeast. Are you ready for some college football? That question is purely rhetorical because, ready or not, here comes ESPN’s SEC Network, ramming round-the-clock gridiron action and commentary—including gospel from Saint Tebow himself—smack into your face mask. Read more...

How to decode Atlanta movie production signs

Or, what do "Ramsey," "T9," and "Mineral" really stand for?

As you may have guessed, studios don’t exactly want gawkers around a shoot. But every frame of your favorite film or show requires hundreds of people. How do you direct your cast and crew to a locale while simultaneously keeping others away? The answer is simple: code words. Read more...

Atlanta Must Reads for the Week: Coke's hefty problem, Nunn's memos, and ATL's "world-class" label

Plus the demolition of the Friendship Baptist Church and the Braves' upcoming departure

In the last three months, sales of Coca-Cola have inched up 1 percent in North America. Read more...

Get to know Zack Everhart of "So You Think You Can Dance"

Catching up with the tap-dancing contestant from Kennesaw. Plus: How you can take part in National Dance Day

“Hey, will you drop me off at the Fox at 5:30 in the morning?” A strange request in the bitingly cold month of January. Read more...