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Report: Georgia ranks 50 for unemployment

On the plus side, that's on a list of 51 places. So we beat Mississippi.

The United States Bureau of Labor has released its unemployment report for July, and it’s not good news for Georgia. The state has a preliminary unemployment rate of 7.8, second-to-last in the country (only leading Mississippi’s 8.0) and significantly above the national average of 6.2. The list includes the 50 states and the District of Columbia. Read more...

Infographic of the Day: How liberal is Atlanta?

The ATL might be a blue dot in a red state, but how it stacks up to other American cities could surprise you.

Politics can be a touchy subject in Atlanta, a city long known as a blue dot in a solidly red state. It can be so touchy that some people don’t even want to talk about it, which can make it difficult to figure out just how blue the city is compared to the rest of the country. Thanks to a forthcoming study in American Political Science Review, we now know: Atlanta is the 22nd most liberal city in the country, right between Newark and Miami. Read more...

Money magazine’s new college rankings are out, and they do not favor Georgia schools

The latest alternative to U.S. News & World Report attempts to determine “the most bang for your tuition buck.”

For years, nervous parents and curious high school students have flocked to the annual U.S. News & World Report National University Rankings. However much or little the rankings actually mean, they’re certainly fun to look at—and other media outlets have been getting into the game. The latest to come out with a college ranking is Money magazine, which attempts to determine which “four-year colleges offer the most bang for your tuition buck.” The top two might surprise–Babson College and Webb Institute, respectively–but the top five is rounded off by more usual suspects: MIT, Princeton University, and Stanford University. Read more...

Animal Planet: Atlanta ranks No. 6 for rats

Reportedly foreclosures have left us overrun with rodents.

In some cases, placement on the list is rooted in ancient history; Deshnoke, India, for instance, is home to a temple where rats are worshipped. In Atlanta, on the other hand, the staggering rat population is due to a more recent event: the Great Recession. According to Animal Planet, an already high rate of urban poverty, combined with rampant foreclosures, has left an excess of abandoned buildings here, attracting droves of vermin. Rats thrive in overgrown lawns and derelict structures. If this isn’t the beginning of a real-world The Walking Dead, then perhaps the list can at least draw our attention to the ecological effects of prolonged urban abandonment. Read more...

Not surprising: Gun stores outnumber museums and libraries in much of North Georgia

Surprising: But not closer to the city

Conventional wisdom—and decades of TV cops shows—may lead you to believe that the city is dangerous and undereducated while the suburbs are havens for all things intellectual. In some places those stereotypes may well hold true. Read more...