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Arthur Blank: It was important for the Falcons to stay Downtown

The Atlanta philanthropist talked stadium, pro sports, and his pet causes during breakfast "Conversation" panel

If the Buckhead crowd that packed Maggiano’s to hear editor-in-chief Steve Fennessy interview Arthur Blank at 7 a.m. this morning seemed a bit weary, it’s probably because many Falcons fans were up late last night watching the third episode of Hard Knocks, the HBO series that is currently documenting the NFL franchise’s preseason. When Fennessy referred to a few of Tuesday night’s highlights, Blank seemed amused by Levine Toilolo’s talent on the ukulele, though not so much by Matt Ryan’s locker room humor. Nevertheless, Blank is clearly a fan of the Emmy-winning reality show, noting, “We have a great story to tell, and we believe in transparency.” Read more...

Infographic of the Day: How liberal is Atlanta?

The ATL might be a blue dot in a red state, but how it stacks up to other American cities could surprise you.

Politics can be a touchy subject in Atlanta, a city long known as a blue dot in a solidly red state. It can be so touchy that some people don’t even want to talk about it, which can make it difficult to figure out just how blue the city is compared to the rest of the country. Thanks to a forthcoming study in American Political Science Review, we now know: Atlanta is the 22nd most liberal city in the country, right between Newark and Miami. Read more...

In case you missed it, the new Atlanta Braves stadium site is under construction. See what it looks like right now.

The original start date was July 15, but heavy machinery has been up and running for a month.

The Atlanta Braves' up-and-down streakiness has left them one game behind the Washington Nationals in the NL East (at least, that is, until the Nats play tonight). In the midst of this season's roller-coaster ride, some may have forgotten about the team's new stadium in Cobb County set to open in 2017. And the warm and fuzzy feelings from the weekend’s Hall of Fame inductions of Bobby Cox, Tom Glavine, and Greg Maddux might have just been enough to put outrage about the planned relocation on the back burner for most fans. (We stress: Most; not all.) Read more...

David Perdue won the GOP runoff and plenty of people were surprised

Recapping election night predictions, commentary, and spin.

As polls were closing in Georgia yesterday, "everyone" was predicting that Jack Kingston, the longtime congressman, would edge out David Perdue, cousin of Sonny and former Dollar General CEO. Which goes to show, that the conventional wisdom only goes so far. A social media recap of one of the most suspense—and surprising—midterm runoff election results in recent memory: Read more...

Cobb waiting for official approval of stadium bond financing

Judge Robert Leonard presided over a six-hour hearing on Monday

Cobb County officials went into extra innings Monday trying to get bond financing approved for the Atlanta Braves’ new stadium. But it’ll be weeks before they know if they won. Read more...