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Drawing lines of Braves allegiance in Georgia

Yet another example of privacy invasion through Facebook

We often complain about Atlanta’s tepid sports fanbase—poor attendance, lack of passion, inability to hold on to a hockey franchise. But thanks to Facebook, that observation is now at least a little closer to being scientific fact. Read more...

Is it 1974 all over again?

Hank Aaron said racism was alive and well—he was right.

In the media scrum to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of Hank Aaron’s record-breaking home run, the undercurrent—the moral—of the story was the blatant racism he faced while chasing down Babe Ruth in 1974. In many of those commemorative stories, Aaron explained that he held on to the epithet-laced letters to remind him that racism still exists. Well more than a few “fans” have gone out of their way to prove Aaron right. Read more...

Video of the Day: Philly fan reaction to the Uggla grand slam

Sure, we've taunted Uggla ourselves. But that doesn't reduce our schadenfreude at Phillies' dismay.

Granted, we did our share of taunting Dan Uggla last year. But Phillies fans are the worst. Spend your lunch break replaying this video courtesy of Timothy Burke at Deadspin. Read more...

Mark DeRosa joins MLB Network

The former Brave is bullish on Atlanta’s chances in 2014

This season our own Mark DeRosa joins the likes of Harold Reynolds and Al Leiter behind the desk of MLB Tonight, the MLB Network’s signature nightly highlight and analysis show. Read more...

5 reasons all Atlantans should cheer for Mercer

It's time to rally behind the dancing, Duke-beating Macon sensation

On Friday, the boys from a little-known liberal arts college in Macon pulled off an upset of historically the most feared and revered team in college basketball. Here’s why all Atlantans should get behind the Bears before they take on Tennessee Sunday evening. Read more...