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Steve Penley has a message for Atlanta's weather whiners

The Atlanta artist's portrait of Mayor Reed took centerstage this week via Deal's now infamous tweet

Atlanta artist Steve Penley had a message for the city Friday, so he took to his paints and brushes to best express himself. In black paint, Penley wrote: “Atlanta is very lucky to have a great mayor and Ga. has a great Gov. Get a grip everyone. It’s weather!” He posted it on his artist Facebook page. So why did Penley feel the need to address the ongoing criticism of Georgia governor Nathan Deal and Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed? For starters, Penley’s work has been unintentionally ridiculed all week. Read more...

Tweets of the Day: AJC '40 mules tweet' edition

A racially insenstive social media post sparked outrage.

Someone at the AJC posted a mind-bogglingly racially insensitive tweet. And the Twitterverse responded. Most were appropriately outraged. (As an aside indictment of our educational system, far too many tweeters confessed to having to Google the phrase "40 acres and a mule.") A compilation of today's commentary. Read more...

Tweets of the Day: Siri lives in Sandy Springs edition

CNN revealed the mystery voice as that of Susan Bennett, Atlanta actress.

In its best scoop in recent memory, CNN revealed that the voice of Apple's digital assistant Siri is actually that of Susan Bennett, an actress who lives in Sandy Springs. Everyone took to their iPhones to comment. Read more...

Everyone is in awe of Antoinette Tuff

The DeKalb County school clerk averted what could have become a horrific shooting at Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy Elementary School on Tuesday

The Twitterverse adores her bravery, and rightly so.

Tweets of the Day: Paula Deen edition

Just a sampler platter, y'all

The National Enquirer got the scoop, but since then everyone from the American Bar Association Journal to Gawker jumped on details revealed in a video deposition given by celeb chef Paula Deen in a harassment suit filed by a former employee. The butter-loving cook’s reported admissions that, “of course,” she’s used the N-word in the past, and she once pondered hosting a plantation-themed wedding, understandably, set both legacy media and social media aflame. Read more...