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Who is casting All-Star votes for Justin Upton?

Kate Upton and BJ Upton, of course. Also Ralph Reed, Big Boi, and Moe's.

What do a supermodel and an evangelical political strategist have in common? How about a legendary half of Outkast and our hometown burrito chain? They all support  Atlanta Brave Justin Upton's All-Star bid. Oh, so does BJ Upton, in case you wondered. Read more...

Talking in circles: A UGA prof studies Twitter speak

People talk about a lot of things on the social media giant, but the patterns are pretty predictable

More than just a home for breaking news and Bieber babble, Twitter has become a modern-day agora. University of Georgia assistant professor of telecommunications Itai Himelboim worked with the Pew Research Center and Social Media Research Foundation on analysis that revealed users of the social media behemoth interact with each other in patterns that fall into just six categories. Read more...

21 amazing photos of the red sky over Atlanta

Thursday's freaky storm and double rainbow had everyone - including Big Boi - grabbing their smartphones