Behold the awesomeness of Atlanta in the 1980s

Promotional videos tout the Connector, the Hooch, and gleaming Peachtree Center


Well, one thing you conclude watching the PR extravaganza that is “Atlanta: A Visual Postcard,” is that everyone had really long attention spans back in the day. Who’d sit through fifteen minutes of chamber of commerce fluff today? Yeah, I thought so.

That said, it’s worth your time to invest a quarter-hour watching these videos (two parts on YouTube). You’ll grasp the unabashed boosterism of our fair city the 1980s as a lispy spokesmodel in giant shoulder pads tours the then newly-revamped Underground Atlanta and “gleaming” Peachtree Center Mall. Despite groaning at the cheesy jazz-fusion background music, I have to admit to experiencing a twinge of nostalgia when the tour cruised by the downtown Macy’s and still-scruffy Midtown.

For a more thoughtful and critical analysis of the videos, read this commentary by Mark Byrnes over at Atlantic Cities.

Part two of the video can be found here.

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