Atlantic Station’s opening a ginormous haunted house made of shipping containers

“Containment” will be a quarter-mile long maze staffed with scary live actors


Atlantic Station’s debuting a Halloween attraction loosely pegged to Atlanta’s railroad history. “Containment,” a 25,000-square-foot, quarter mile long maze will be the largest haunted house inside the Perimeter this year.

The attraction is being constructed entirely out of old cargo containers. As visitors make their way along a 1,300-foot path, live actors will terrify them at various stops along the way.

According to “legend” (aka the back story posted at Atlantic Station’s blog) a collection of demonic artifacts ended up at Atlantic Station after a mysterious train derailment. Frightmares Inc., owner of the relics, collected all the cargo at the site and controlled the situation . . . at least until Halloween season.

The teaser trailer is worth watching. It’s terrifying, suspenseful, and gives away few specifics about what the actual attraction will be like.

“Containment” will run October 4 through November 3.

Stay tuned: Next week we’ll bring you a behind-the-scenes tour of the maze, and find out exactly what it takes to be a certified haunted house thespian.

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  • Jen Fortune

    NOT IMPRESSED. I went to containment last night, and I have to tell you I thought it was below average. I have been to most of the haunted houses in Atlanta. This one is not very good for anyone over 11 years old. It isn’t scary at all, it seems short, and it seems like the mall is trying to make money off of small kids. It’s what this haunted box car thing is geared towards. Children. These are the same people who used to put on Fright Fest. (this is what I was told by someone at the mall) I wish I had gone elsewhere. It was a complete yawn fest. I give it a D.

  • visitor

    Not sure what Jen didn’t like. I visited Containment with a couple friends and had a great time. Costumes & attention to detail were exceptional. This is exactly what has been missing at Atlantic Station – a haunted “house.”