Ed Kramer asks for new bond, despite violating old one

If the DragonCon co-founder’s request isn’t a joke, he should’ve picked another day to make it


Having been extradited back to Georgia from Connecticut after apparently violating one of the most lenient bond agreements imaginable, DragonCon co-founder Ed Kramer has now summoned the chutzpah to ask to be bonded out of the Gwinnett County jail, where he awaits trial on decade-old child-molestation charges.

Kramer’s newest high-priced attorney, Brian Steel—Bob Barr seemingly having bowed out to focus on his run for his old seat in Congress—may have inadvertently provided a commentary on his chances for success by filing his client’s motion for bond last Monday, April Fool’s Day.

According to Gwinnett District Attorney Danny Porter, the motion was boilerplate, with none of Kramer’s usual requests for special accommodations due to ill health. You’ll recall that Kramer had managed to avoid trial for more than ten years by claiming he was incapacitated and couldn’t handle the rigors of sitting in a courtroom.

Judge Karen Beyers has not yet ordered a hearing on the bond motion, but Porter says he’ll argue against it.

“Kramer has violated the terms of his previous bond, so we will oppose any bond being granted,” he told the Gwinnett Daily Post.

Also, no date has been set for the child-molestation trial, Porter tells Atlanta magazine, because the D.A’s office is still trying to get Kramer examined by a doctor to determine his fitness to stand trial. In past years, Gwinnett judges had accepted the opinion of Kramer’s own doctors in deeming the defendant infirm, but Porter plans to insist on an independent examination.

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  • Nancy A. Collins

    Your DragonCon attendance fees at work!

    Boycott DragonCon!

  • Brent Tozzer

    Kudos to Atlanta Magazine and Scott Henry for staying on target with this criminal.
    Listen to the message here. Dragon*Con money is going here.
    Don’t give Dragon*Con money while this is the case.

  • http://www.FlyingChipmunkPublishing.com Terry Kepner

    Just because some is ACCUSED does not mean they are guilty. I had a friend who was arrested for Child Porn, and I was in the office with my friend when the DA admitted they had made a mistake. However, the DA refused to drop the case because it would have made the detectives who had handled the case look bad. The DA offered my friend a choice — he could be bankrupted defending himself in court (or get a public defender who really wasn’t that great a lawyer) and risk possible conviction, or he could plea to a lesser charge and be released. His reputation would be destroyed and no one would ever hire him because of his record (not to mention being on the “sex predator list”), but at least he wouldn’t go to jail. He decided not to go to jail.

    • Nancy A. Collins

      I would recommend you read the facts in this case, which involves at least 4 living, breathing victims as opposed to computer files, one of whom has challenged Kramer to stop stalling and finally face him in a court of law.

      And “you were in the office” with your “friend” when the DA discussed the child porn charges against him? Huh. Then I guess you must be his lawyer.

      Boycott DragonCon.

  • demoncat4

    can’t believe ed is still managing to try and not finaly pay for his crimes plus the judges he comes across are not finaly telling him enough stalling time for trial or including no bond revoked the only place ed shall go is a jail cell where he belongs

  • nancy a retard

    no one’s going to boycott dragon con

    • Jim

      I have. Tony Isabella has, Stephen Bissette has, along with every creator who’s fully aware, and has a soul.
      Pretty sure Nancy has.

      Way to defend little boy rapists–bet you feel like a big hero.

  • Natas The True true

    How about “Boycott Nancy Collins” and her twisted agenda to ruin DragonCon. Ed is not involved in the con anymore. Get over yourself you narcissistic old hag. DragonCon is like a holiday every year in Atlanta now. You will not stop it. You are making yourself look bad and you are not gaining any friends in the process. Funny how things could turn around on you. Ed is not part of the con and hasn’t been for over 10 years. He is in jail and will not be getting out.
    Go write a book or think of an original idea since all of your writings are about characters someone else came up with. No one cares about you because you are a small timer wannabee that needs to get a life.

    • Nancy A. Collins

      “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.”– Gandhi

      If that quote is anything to go by (and he should know), then judging from your pseudonymous, infantile tirade, the boycott must be well on it’s way to doing it’s job.

      And as for your sacred DragonCon’s involvement in this fiasco,
      according to the Georgia Court of Appeals, Sherry Henry, wife of current con-chair Pat Henry, and a DragonCon board member herself, was at Ground Zero for Kramer’s “I’m Too Sick To Be Standing Trial” defense.


      ” Finally, Kramer emphasizes that his attorneys failed to submit in the federal case the affidavit of SHERRY HENRY, a registered nurse who had evaluated Kramer while he was confined at the GCDC. In her affidavit, Henry describes Kramer’s deteriorating medical condition during his confinement and goes on to opine that detention center officials breached the standard of care in failing to provide Kramer proper medical treatment so as to prevent the deterioration in his condition.”

      There’s also the sworn testimony Pat Henry, the current con chair, gave in defense of Ed Kramer at his September 14, 2000 bond hearing. So much for the claim of “cutting ties” immediately following Kramer’s arrest.


  • SyberRhymer

    I can understand in our day and age where media rumor or fact can make or destroy a persons career or life, people will not do the “homework” and just jump on the bandwagon to either boycott or not. Dragon Con is Mr. Kramer’s income. However it is also an integral part of Atlanta’s income as well. Boycotting the Con does not just hurt one man with an accused, perverse, illegal activity with a minor who is currently awaiting a trial. It also hurts all of the businesses that provide for the Con. Everthing from entertainment to hospitality and restaurants will be effected by a lack of people coming to this annual event. I know in this current economy, small businesses rely on these kind of events to help make or break there year.

    I also beleive that the Henry’s supported Ed Kramer in 2000 as a messure
    of managing fall out from the scandal in the first place. If you notice this did not become a hot topic until NOW not in 2000. Why wasn’t the man assessed in 2000 to determine his ability to stand trial then intead of just sweeping the scandal under the rug per se. Why hasn’t he been tried via a communication system like Skype or web ca, which did exist then, where he doesn’t have to be in the courtroom but is still in “attendance”. There were ways to conduct this trial without him having to be in the courtroom proper,but I am sure the city just didn’t want to do it because of the problems associated with the fallout affecting this million dollar Convention the brings in much needed money to the Atlanta area every year.
    Sadly we come to this point now where he has been granted a leanient bond situation for over 10 years and has obviously managed to circumvent it to his own interests. I don’t blame the Con for that. I blame the law enforcement department for allowing it to happen in the first place.

    Now here is the better question about Dragon Con. Does a conviction of this man’s accused crimes mean his ownership of the shares are void? Most likely not. Which means the only way to separate the Con from Mr. Kramer will be to absolve the company, pay out what he shares are worth and then recreate the company name and charter under a new logo. The reason I say this is because of the repeated attempts to buy Ed out and his blatant refusal to accept. Mr. Kramer is not stupid. He will hold onto to his shares as long as legally possible because he doesn’t have to do any thing to earn that paycheck, his little cash cow.

    Sadly that means that even though many may boycott the con,and others will still attend, either because the don’t know, don’t care, or because he has only been ACCUSED not CONVICTED. Plus he hasn’t done anything directly with the Con in several years, so many may not realize the money he makes off of it. Either way he will still gets paid probably a little less, but still gets money to sit in jail. Meanwhile all the other little businesses get effected by the less amount of attendance.

    I really feel the boycott should have taken a different approach. Perhaps affecting a reelection of political personnel for their lack of proper law enforcement and questionable handling of the case in the initial bond hearing. This man should have gone to trial years ago and now it seems they are draggin’ a** to get their ducks in a row to properly prosecute him. Why is he still sitting in jail asking for a bond? Sadly, it tends to beg the question of how solid are the facts of this case. If they can’t get the man evaluated, and in a courtroom in less than six months over a case that has taken 10 YEARS to come to public eye then it makes you wonder if something else is going on other than a simple pediphile case.