September Preview: David Cross Disses on Atlanta


Among other things, David Cross—the hirsute comedian and actor without hair on his head, or shame on his sleeve—was born and raised in Atlanta. This is not widely known to fans of Mr. Show, Arrested Development, or, more recently, the biblical-satire film “Year One.” In the upcoming September issue, we interview Cross about his strained (to say the least) relationship with the city of his birth. Here’s an audio preview, from an old stand-up sketch, of the man with the mostly-hilarious hatred of our city. WARNING: this clip contains profanity, atheistic sentiments, and stereotype-affirming claims about Atlanta and Atlantans that are not necessarily the opinion of this author, a proud fifth-generation Atlanta, or this magazine. Still, it’s pretty funny…don’t you think?

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  • J Bendall

    David has an open invitation to come back to Atlanta and play my club, The Punchline, and do whatever kind of show he wants or chooses. He’s among the best comedians to ever come out of Atlanta, and certainly can’t name many who are better who got many of their first sets on our stage.

  • Doctor X

    I read the extended version of this interview in the magazine (got an advanced copy). I don’t believe at all that David Cross really hates Atlanta, but it’s definitely funny when he talks about what it was like to grow up and live here.