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Atlanta Ballet's Dracula

The Atlanta Ballet staged the North American premiere of Dracula in 1998 and has reincarnated the vampiric love story every few years since. Bloodsucking counts, it seems, are crowd-pleasers on ... Read more

Q&A with Virginia Hepner

Last July Virginia Hepner, a twenty-five year veteran of the corporate finance world, dove into the nonprofit sector as president and CEO of the Woodruff Arts Center. Awaiting her was ... Read more

Dad's Garage Cofounder Is Back

Director Sean Daniels is taking a break from the national stage to touch base with his peeps. “In American theater, your constant job is to find your people, the ones ... Read more

Q&A with Kenny Leon

There aren’t many American stage directors who can also boast of People magazine Most Beautiful status. But Kenny Leon has always had a knack for straddling two worlds. The Tony-nominated ... Read more

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