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Our Place in the Universe: Kinda honest

Posted By: Rebecca Burns · 8/16/2010 5:36:00 PM
The city's schools may be facing a cheating scandal, but not all Atlantans are hopelessly dishonest, according to a social experiment/marketing gimmick conducted last month by do-gooding Honest Tea.

The beverage upstart staged a series of tests in seven U.S. cities. In the experiment, bottles of the company’s organic iced tea were offered on the honor system. As the company’s hidden-camera video revealed, 89 percent of people who picked up a bottle of Honest Tea at the Peachtree Center test site forked over the suggested $1 donation. (Proceeds were given to nonprofits, including Hands On Atlanta.)

Impressive, but nowhere near the honesty of Bostonians. But hey, we’ve got more integrity than Chicago and L.A.

The rankings:
Boston: 93.3 percent honest
Washington, D.C.: 93 percent honest
San Francisco: 91 percent honest
Atlanta: 89 percent honest
New York: 89 percent honest
Chicago: 78 percent honest
Los Angeles: 75 percent honest

Click here to watch video of the Atlanta experiment.
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