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Our Place in the Universe: Our incomes tanked

Posted By: Jackson Reeves · 9/17/2010 5:49:00 PM
Georgia earned a shameful superlative recently when the U.S. Census Bureau released data about the changes in states’ median income levels from 2006–2007 to 2008–2009. The Peach State’s average household’s income level dropped the most, 13.1 percent to be exact. However, while it would seem from that stat that the recession initially hit us hardest (with an average loss per household at $6,710), we can still take solace knowing that our median income is $44,696—well above Mississippi’s, which has the lowest in the nation: $35,693. Since more states had median incomes in the $40k bracket than any other bracket, I guess we should just be content that when it comes to the amount of money we make on average, we’re still, well, average. For those with high-end aspirations who want to play the odds, head up to New Hampshire, where the average income is $65,028.
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