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Our Place in the Universe: 2nd most socially mediated

Posted By: Jackson Reeves · 3/11/2011 10:00:00 AM
We may be a city of cars, with people more apt to drive around in their "rolling sensory-deprivation tanks" (as our columnist Hollis Gillespie terms them) than engage with people in person, but we still do excel at one form of social interaction: the online kind. A study by Men's Health deemed Atlanta the second most socially networked city in the states. We ranked just after D.C. and well ahead of Boston, Manhattan, and anything from California. You can take that, Northeast and West Coast, and put it on your Twitter and tweet it. (FYI, El Paso, Texas, is the least socially mediated city out there.)
The study took into account Facebook and LinkedIn users per capita, Twitter usage, traffic on other social networks (e.g., MySpace, Digg), and the percentage of households that peruse chat rooms and blogs.
Chances are we scored our top ranking thanks to our many intown colleges and universities (GSU and Emory FTW), a developing tech industry (ahem, Scoutmob and Georgia Tech), and our status as a desirable desitination for film shoots thanks to tax incentives (Hall Pass or Vampire Diaries, anyone?). So of course y'all are just going to take to teh Interwebz and share and share away after reading this.
However, some things about the story just don't add up. The Big Apple is listed as number fifty-four? Palo Alto isn't even on the list? Hmm. Whatever. My attention span is too shot from all the FacetwitbloggingIn that I do to actually digg into this any deeper, so I'll just leave that musing to the other members of the online ether.
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