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Ten Questions for... Ron Clark

Posted By: Kenneth R. Wilson · 4/4/2011 7:42:00 AM
Name:  Ron Clark
Age: 39
Neighborhood:  Midtown
Occupation:  Teacher, Founder of the Ron Clark Academy

1. How long have you lived in Atlanta?
10 Years.

2. In one sentence, what’s the best thing about your job?
I get to educate children, dance on desks, ride a big blue slide, and open my classroom to visiting educators from around the world.  It's a great life!
3. What’s one thing that’s changed about the city that you wish hadn’t?
As the economy has taken a downturn, several of my favorite restaurants have closed.  I desperately miss the fried chicken at Agnes and Muriel's.  I can almost taste it right now.
4. What phone app can’t you live without?
5. 404, 770, or 678?
6. CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, WSB-TV, or Twitter?
CNN plays constantly at RCA on TVs in our hallways and in the students' bathrooms. They love it!
7. Best spot for a business lunch?
Mary Macs on Ponce.
8. What’s your commute like?
I leave my apartment, usually in a mad rush.  I live downtown, and if I can hit the light on Currier Street when it's green then I know I am going to have an usually great day.  I head down Courtland, hop on 85 and drive south for a few miles to University Ave.  The school is just a couple of miles off of the exit.  My door-to-door commute is about 13 minutes.
9. What’s the city’s worst enemy?
I think this would be the same answer for any city.  It's people who are negative and who choose to complain and make excuses instead of find solutions.

10. In one sentence, describe your vision of Atlanta in a decade from now.

I hope that people will view Atlanta as a place to receive the best educator training in the country.  By that time, the Ron Clark Academy will have trained over 60,000 educators from around the world.

Bonus: Is there anything else you think we should know or would find interesting?
I love the community of Atlanta and I am extremely grateful for the support everyone has given to making RCA successful.  To find more information about our school and to learn more about our educator training program, please visit www.ronclarkacademy.com.
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