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The Devil went down to Cobb: Atlanta Opera revives Faust

Charles Gounod's operatic interpretation will return for the first time since 1995

There are myriad tales of people making deals with the devil, but they all share similar endings (spoiler alert: bad things happen). Although the outcomes are predictable, we’re still drawn to these cautionary fables, the most famous of which is the chronicle of a certain Dr. Faust and his misguided barter—an eternal soul for fleeting youth. Read More

ATL and the Polar Vortex: recapped in tweets

Or, the snow-free snow days

While Midwesterners dug their cars out of the snow, Atlantans started the week off by panicking about flurries and black ice that never really appeared. After two no-snow snow days, by Wednesday we were all ready to get back to normal. Read More