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If crime rates are so low, why am I so worried?

Have we all caught a strong case of the "fear virus"?

I’m driving home, just 150 yards from my house, when I see a white Chevy Tahoe in my driveway. According to social media and local news blogs, it’s the car a crew of burglars has been using for about a week to break into homes all around us—Oakhurst, Kirkwood, East Lake. Read More

Let's give $200 mil to Spanx instead of the Falcons

Thoughts on perusing the new Forbes rich list

Forbes magazine’s much-anticipated 2013 Swimsuit Issue list of the world’s billionaires was published yesterday. Mexican telecommunications giant and all-around biz whiz Carlos Slim tops the roster with an estimated $73 billion fortune. Like my dad always said, “You’ll know you’ve made it when your next $100,000,000 goes to the right of the decimal point.” Read More

If lawmakers like guns so much, why can't we take them to the Capitol?

Creative Loafing reports state Sen. Vincent Fort will propose a ban on assault* weapons when lawmakers return to the Gold Dome in January. Fort says his proposal is a response to last Friday's mass murder at a Connecticut elementary school. Read More

PPP on Georgia: Jason Carter

Public Policy Polling released some new Georgia-centric data this week. A number and a name stood out to me. Read More

Georgia ranks fifth on Mother Jones list of worst state legislatures

This morning Mother Jones published a funny and infuriating article on its web site titled "America's 50 Worst State Legislatures: Because it's never good when your state's greatest legislative achievement is 'WrestleMania Appreciation Week.'" Read More