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Essay: I'm glad my kids go to Atlanta Public Schools

The lessons I learned while my twins attended Garden Hills Elementary

I admit I was irked three years ago when my son—then in the second grade and still the bluest-eyed, palest-skinned kid you’ll ever meet—announced that he wanted to be called Francisco. Francis, the name we gave him at birth, and Frankie, the nickname he wore so adorably, were both out. Read More

The Old Lady of Ossabaw

Sandy West is a living link to the days when Georgia's coastal islands were owned by industrial barons

In the evenings, when she closes her eyes, Eleanor Torrey West pulls on her riding boots and descends the back stairs of her pink stucco mansion on Ossabaw, an all but deserted barrier island twenty miles south of Savannah that only the luckiest people in the world get to see. Read More