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Author Chris Davisson


Whatever happened to Soylent?

Soylent v1.0 is now shipping across America

Not into food but still need the nutrients? Rob Rhinehart has got you covered. Read More

Hop City to open second Atlanta store in Krog Street Market

2,400 square feet of craft beer and wine

As if there weren't enough reasons to be excited for Krog Street Market, Hop City has announced it will be the market's beer and wine retailer. Growler service will be available on roughly 60 taps, and the wine selection will be similar to its flagship location in Westside. Read More

Villains goes coastal, pop-up to offer mussels and lobster rolls

See below for full menu

Villains Wicked Heroes has partnered with the Fry Guy food truck and mixologists from Miller Union for the latest entry in its pop-up series: Moules Frites. Focusing on mussels and fries, the menu will change each week. Miller Union mixologist Zach Capito will helm the first evening, and Stuart White will lead the last two. The special menu will be available Monday night from 5 to 10 p.m. April 7th, 14th, and 21st. Read More

Where gamers go to dine

The Force is strong with these five nerdy restaurants

If memories of He-Man on Saturday mornings, Marvel’s absurd comic storylines, or Starcraft matches on dial-up internet strike a chord with you, listen up. Armed with console games, nerd-trivia, board games, and arcade machines, these five restaurants are perfect for embracing your inner (or outer) nerd.  Read More

Cigars and cocktails at five Atlanta speakeasies

Secret passwords, hidden passages, and special memberships abound

Ever wanted to return to the days of old when alcohol was illegal and accessible only behind shady fronts? While Atlanta’s speakeasy scene isn’t as historical as New York City, we do have our fair share of bars that utilize secret passwords, hidden passages, and special memberships to recreate history. Below are five local establishments. Dress up and stack your wallet—oh, but do be quiet about it. Read More