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  • Christine Van Dusen

    Editorial Contributor

    Christine Van Dusen is newsroom veteran who writes about everything from the bond market to Britney Spears as a freelance writer and the founder of Linchpin Media in Atlanta. Her work has appeared in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, US Weekly, the Chicago Tribune, Prospect News, and Delta Sky.


Stand-up paddleboarding is getting popular. Here's where to try it in the Atlanta area

A fanstastic workout and easy to learn

i was worried about the woman in the blue maxi dress, its hem so long she nearly tripped while selecting a stand-up paddleboard at Morgan Falls Overlook Park in Sandy Springs. But then she paddled out onto the glassy Chattahoochee River like a Venetian gondolier. Read More

Test driving 6 Atlanta nutritionists and personal trainers

We sent reporters on anonymous visits to test six different introductory sessions

Our writer checks out three nutritionists to discover why he can't put on weight, while another writer seeks personal trainers to help her figure out why she can't do sit-ups. Read More

Ironmen brothers inspire other athletes with disabilities

Kyle Pease, who has cerebral palsy, and older brother Brent cover sea and land with each other

Kyle Pease laughs when he sees the picture of him and his older brother, Brent, at the 2011 Charles Harris Run for Leukemia. In the photo, Kyle, who has cerebral palsy, is wearing a golf club cover on his left hand, and there’s a blue bed pillow behind his head in what looks like a toddler’s jogging stroller. “We had no idea what we were doing,” Kyle says. Read More

Healthcare champions

We salute these visionaries who are making Atlanta a healthier place to live

From the road, the old gas station didn’t stand out much from its neighbors—a boarded-up brick two-story building and a green-awninged bodega—on this stretch of Joseph E. Boone Boulevard just west of the Georgia Dome. Read More

Foul Territory

How long do you have to react when a line drive is hit into the stands? Less time than it takes to yell “foul.”

Fred Fletcher doesn’t watch baseball anymore, but one night in May, he got a text from a friend: Something had happened at that evening’s Braves game. An eight-year-old boy had been hit in the head by a line drive foul off the bat of Milwaukee Brewer Carlos Gomez during the seventh inning. In bed, with the volume on low so he wouldn’t wake his wife, Fletcher watched the 11 o’clock news and then turned on a replay of the game. He didn’t see the boy, but when the ball rocketed into the stands behind the first-base dugout and the batter dropped to a knee in prayer, Fletcher began to weep. Read More