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Author Elizabeth Florio


High-tech tree hugging: Meet Mother Nature Network's data-savvy president

Matt Crenshaw wants to make people feel good, not guilty about environmentalism

If, as Bill Gates famously declared of the Internet, content is king, then people like Matt Crenshaw are its field marshals. The president of Atlanta-based digital news outlet Mother Nature Network spends his time parsing web traffic trends, search engine performance, and social media engagement to help and its sister site,, capture a combined 10 million unique visitors per month. Read More

Q&A with Mother Nature Network’s Matt Crenshaw

The network's president explains why a strong web presence is crucial

One of the biggest misconceptions people have about MNN is, they go, “You guys must be all hippie-crunchy, wearing Toms shoes and everything.” And certainly some of us are, but it’s really about taking a mainstream audience and nudging it toward this green lifestyle. I look at it almost like a Whole Foods for content. Read More

Six lessons Atlanta can learn from New York’s bikeshare woes

The benefit of being a late adopter is learning from others’ mistakes

Last month the Wall Street Journal reported that Citi Bike, New York City’s fledgling bikeshare program, faced a mounting debt in the tens of millions with no clear lifeline. The news was disconcerting to Atlanta biking advocates. Atlanta is slated to launch its own bikeshare program in 2015, and like New York’s, it will be entirely self-funded. Most other cities partially subsidize their bike rental programs with local or federal dollars. Read More

5 reasons all Atlantans should cheer for Mercer

It's time to rally behind the dancing, Duke-beating Macon sensation

On Friday, the boys from a little-known liberal arts college in Macon pulled off an upset of historically the most feared and revered team in college basketball. Here’s why all Atlantans should get behind the Bears before they take on Tennessee Sunday evening. Read More

Modal Citizen: Amanda Rhein, MARTA’s transit-oriented development maven

Chatting with a champion of transit, mobility, connectivity, and good urbanism

If you’ve paid attention to news out of MARTA the past several weeks, you’ve no doubt heard the phrase “transit-oriented development.” That’s urban-planner speak for the development of land surrounding transit stations. Lindbergh City Center, with its mix of residences and retail, is a prime example. MARTA has lately secured developers for massive mixed-use projects at the [King Memorial][1] and [Avondale][2] stations and solicited proposals for [Edgewood/Candler Park][3]. Seven other stations have made the [working short list][4] for similar projects. Read More