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High on the Vine: The Chardonnay you want now

Jordan Smelt, Cakes & Ale’s beverage director, says it's time to embrace Chablis

“What wine do you like to drink?” Read More

High on the Vine: 18 grueling hours with the Court of Master Sommeliers

Evan Mah sits for a two-day lecture and his level one exam

It’s 8:15 on a Tuesday morning, and I’m standing among 100 or so people swirling wine in a glass and holding a microphone in my other hand. Shoulders slouched back, eyes fighting to stay open, I mutter my best guess into the mic. “This wine is clear, bright, with a brick red core and a medium concentration. Medium plus viscosity.” Read More

Atlanta Food Lovers Guide

Think of our A(TL) to Z index as your essential shopping list. We scoured the city’s best markets and shops to find fruits and vegetables at the peak of the season, fragrant olive oils, crusty breads, locally raised meats, tempting sweets, and much, much more. Plus, we sneak in a few restaurant recommendations. Read More

Ten exhausting hours with restaurateur Federico Castellucci III

A day in the life of the president of Casellucci Hospitality Group

How does Castellucci keep up with four restaurants, 150 employees, and a six-days-a-week schedule? Read More

2014 James Beard Finalists announced

Five Atlanta names make the cut

Early this morning, the James Beard Foundation, known as the Oscars of food, announced its award finalists 2014. Five Atlanta names graced the list. Read More