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Upgrade your job from old-school to high-tech

Our handy chart shows how to make the leap

“All this talk of high-tech startups is fine,” you say, “but my tech skills max out when I update my Facebook status.” We consulted career experts and industry insiders to see how old-school jobs can translate into hotter fields or eventually segue into high-tech. Read More

Where the Jobs Will Be

(And what they'll pay.) Plus: Learn who's hiring locally

Job growth, salaries, and a few local companies who are hiring now. Read More

Three resources for enriching your skill sets

Tools to help you have a fresh start

Want to upgrade your career but not go back to earn a new degree? Here are three resources for learning specific skills to help yourself get ahead. Read More

Lessons from the startup front office

Win or lose, you'll always learn something

Six successful entrepreneurs share their best business advice. Read More

Expert advice for your career conundrums

Questions answered in the counselor's corner

Answers to questions about social media presence, money, coding, and entering the job market for the first time. Read More