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    James Burns is an Atlanta-based illustrator, designer, and comic book artist. His weekly strip "Grumbles" ran in the Sunday Paper for more than six years, and now can be read online as a web comic. He is the author of several nonfiction graphic novels, including Detached and Speechless. He is the publisher of several comics anthologies, including 2013's Über-tales. With more than twenty-five years of experience in television design and animation, he currently teaches motion media and graphics at SCAD-Atlanta.


The Walking Dead Haiku Recap: All boxed up

The Season 4 finale in which Rick bites off more than he can chew and we learn more about Terminus

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The Walking Dead Haiku Recap: Tunnel of Love?

In which some of the groups run into each other. Finally!

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The Walking Dead Haiku Recap: 'Look at the flowers, Lizzie.'

In which we experience the bleakest episode yet.

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The Walking Dead Haiku Recap: Yep, Bob is still around.

In which the interminable secondary plot lines continue.

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The Walking Dead Haiku Recap: Moonshine and moonlight

In which Daryl and Beth drink, bond

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