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Video of the Day: Adron's homage to Monty Python

Just in time for Earth Day, a reminder of our small place in the "Galaxy"

Fans of Monty Python — bitter and humorless as you are — we have some Earth Day news for you. One of your favorite songs has gotten a refreshing update from a pair of popular Atlanta performers. Read More

Want to join the Atlanta tennis scene? A quick primer

Tips for those new to the bustling and competitive sport

For proof that tennis is a game of “love,” look no further than Kathy Berthelette, who met her husband, Dan Bradley, when she picked up the game in 1986. Their first date was buying her a decent racket. Now Berthelette is president of the Atlanta Lawn Tennis Association, the self-proclaimed “largest local tennis league in the country.” Read More

Go North: See Rock City

Along the back roads of northwest Georgia

From the sunset side of Interstate 75 to the Alabama border, you won’t spot a municipality themed to an Alpine village or wine trails with slick marketing campaigns. Read More

Open Water

We love pools. We need pools. We have pools.

In his short story “The Swimmer,” author John Cheever uses the suburban pool to invoke the cruel passage of time in one man’s mistake-riddled life. Dustin Hoffman’s character in "The Graduate" comically avoids adulthood in the depths of his parents’ pool. Read More