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Q&A: Fox News' Bret Baier chronicles his son's struggles with heart disease

The face of top-rated Special Report and Dunwoody native discusses the genesis of his first book and being pseudo Southern.

Forget reporting trips to Afghanistan or tête-à-têtes with presidents; Bret Baier’s toughest challenge involved the flawed ticker of his six-year-old son, Paul. When Paul was diagnosed with five congenital heart defects at birth, subsequent surgeries and hospital stays put the newsman’s career on hold. Baier chronicles the family’s sojourn into the world of pediatric heart disease in his first book, *Special Heart: A Journey of Faith, Hope, Courage, and Love*. (All author proceeds go to pediatric heart research.) Read More

Why should I be ashamed of my Union lineage?

"Some people are really still fighing the Civil War"

Two photographs set Maribeth Brannen on a genealogical journey: One was of her great-great-grandfather, a major with the Union Army’s cavalry; the other was of her husband’s great-great-grandfather, a Confederate private who lost two fingers in the Battle of Atlanta. Brannen was proud of her heritage but soon found that no group in Georgia recognized direct female descendants of Union veterans. Read More

A mission to honor Confederate ancestors, not spark political debates

"We all know whoever wins the war gets to write the history."

Monty Johnson says her mission is clear: She leads an organization that honors Civil War ancestors, educates people on the war’s importance, and supports modern-day veterans. She does not spark political debates about slavery or the Confederate flag. Read More

Center for Puppetry Arts to undergo major expansion

The Midtown museum will get a new modern facade and feature the largest Jim Henson collection in the world

In the Center for Puppetry Arts’ atrium, a coterie of America’s puppetry elite stand in a semicircle, contemplating an acrylic-encased Miss Piggy. The starry-eyed swine sports the feathery boa and sarong she wore in 1996’s Muppet Treasure Island, her curlicue locks blonde as ever. “She’s beautiful,” says Bonnie Erickson, who created Miss Piggy and now directs the Jim Henson Legacy. “She gets better and better.” Read More

How it feels to clean up after death

Paul Cervino is a Marine who has been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, most recently in 2011. Stateside after that, he found himself in Arizona, in training to open a Bio-One franchise in Atlanta. Read More