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    Kristi York Wooten is an Atlanta-based journalist and founder of, an organization that provides creative strategies for NGOs and nonprofits. She blogs about music, charity and politics for The Economist, Newsweek/Daily Beast, Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal, and others.


Dean Roland finds a new way to shine

The Collective Soul guitarist teams with Ryan Potesta for Magnets and Ghosts

Atlanta’s music community is so vast an industry veteran can get lost in the mix. That’s not exactly what happened to Dean Roland, rhythm guitarist for the multiplatinum Stockbridge, Georgia band Collective Soul (and baby brother to its lead singer, Ed). But when Dean’s side project–the Britrock-influenced Magnets and Ghosts, a collaboration with multi-instrumentalist Ryan Potesta–released its debut album, Mass, in 2011, few trumpets sounded up and down Peachtree. Read More

Notes from HBO movie 'Mary and Martha' premiere at the Carter Center

Atlanta’s role in the global fight against malaria

This spring, Atlantans are probably more concerned about shaving ice for our cocktails than making sure our fruit-scented insect repellant actually works. Yet, any Southerner who sees the new HBO film, Mary and Martha (which held its U.S. premiere at The Carter Center on Tuesday and debuts on the cable network Saturday), may never sip poma-tinis on the porch again without thanking our friends over at the CDC for killing malaria’s buzz way back when. Read More