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  • Matt Walljasper

    Editorial Contributor

    Matt Walljasper is a local multimedia producer and film junkie. Originally from Dallas, he gave up his oil and cattle in order to follow the growing film industries in New Mexico, Chicago, and now Atlanta. Armed with a degree in film production from Loyola University Chicago and a love for all things entertainment, Matt’s no stranger to the wide world of production and pop culture.


What's been filming in Atlanta this summer?

An update on which movie and TV crews are disrupting your commute.

By now, it's well established that Atlanta is the “Hollywood of the South” (or “Y’allywood,” if you will). While it used to be exciting to see a film crew, we’re all getting a little jaded, and when we spot those yellow signs tacked to phone poles and hanging off buildings directing crews and stars to a location, we start to lament that it means street closings and extra traffic. But do you know what production is to blame for making you late to work? Here’s a roundup of what’s shooting around town this summer. Adjust your commute accordingly. Read More